Monday, October 31, 2011

All Hallows Eve

All the costumed dandies
looking for some candies,
are crowding the scene
this Halloween.

All the kids want treats and snacks
but I’d rather dole out heart attacks.
I think you should get a scare
when into the night you dare.

There are monsters and ghouls
willing to frighten you from your shoes.
They’ll swallow you whole
And to hell, drag your soul.

Those rattling noises outside the window
is something escaped from hell’s side show
That thumping and creaking in the hall
is something from heaven that did fall.

That creepy house on the corner
is visited by a ghostly mourner
whose moans and cries
fill the blackened night skies.

The monster you ignore under your bed
will creep out tonight to feast on your head
and dine on your dreams
and dessert on your screams.

Hear you heart beat in your chest
as you struggle to get some rest.
May Happy Halloween nightmares
cloud the space between your ears.

Perhaps you shouldn’t have had
so much candy,
you costumed

Happy Halloween everybody!!!!

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