Thursday, October 20, 2011

So long

So long short summer dresses
and sleeveless tops.
So long to those sun baked legs
and hair tossed into a pony tail.

So long casual walks along
hot city streets.
So long outside beers and late
night warmth.

So long flip flop feet and toes
in the sand.
So long mosquitoes, I won’t
miss your tinny buzzing in my ear.

So long short sleeves and tees.
So long hot pants and baseball caps.

So long gentle summer breeze
So long to your soft summer skin.

So long crowded drunken streets and
delicious mischief.
So long porch sitting as the sun goes

So long summer. Fall has arrived and
moved your stuff into the hall closet.
Come back soon and wear that outfit
I like so much.

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