Friday, June 1, 2012

A Conversation

“He’s cute”, she said.
“He’s just tall. Not cute”, he said.

“He’s strong”, she said.
“He just works out, that’s not strength”, he said.

“He buys me things”, she said.
“Those are just things”, he said.

“He doesn’t cheat on me”, she said.
“You’re not supposed to cheat when you’re in a relationship”, he said.

“He only yells at me because he loves me”, she said.
“Love shouldn’t yell”, he said.

“He’s never hit me”, she said.
“That’s not really a qualifier for being a good boyfriend. You’re never supposed to hit a woman”, he said.

“He makes me feel sexy”, she said.
“You are sexy. He’s rather irrelevant”, he said.

“He has a nice car and a good job and a dog and has been sky-diving and likes golfing and drinking with his old fraternity brothers”, she said.
“Things he does without you”, he said.

“You’re just jealous”, she said.
“Maybe”, he said, “But let me ask you something”.

“Does he make you smile, ever? Really smile? Makes you so happy inside that sometimes you wish you could just burst”, he asked.
“He doesn’t make me unhappy”, she said.

“That’s not an answer”, he said.

She looked away.

“Well, you’re so smart, why are you single”, she asked.
“I was waiting for you”, he said.

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