Monday, June 11, 2012

This might be bad

Due to a very large internet and e-mail horror show of a cluster screw I am not able to post the super awesome and extremely long story I wrote today. In fact, I'm a little worried that the whole long piece was lost in the vacuum of technology.

I'm as worried as F.Scott Fitzgerald when his wife left a handwritten manuscript of his on a train. It was the only copy and might have been the great American novel, but it was lost and F. Scott couldn't recall the details as clearly as he would have liked to re-write it and so it truly became lost.

So I'm hoping I was able to hide this story in a place that won't vanish. I'm sitting at a different cubicle at the moment, finally able to get some work done, but I wasn't able to access any internet or mail until now.

I just want to let you all know that I'm okay. I've been pretty depressed lately. I've been extremely lonely as well. But I'm okay. I'm not going to drive my car off a cliff into the ocean in a giant blaze of fire. Mostly because there are no cliff's in Illinois. Or access to an ocean.  I kid, I'd never do that to a car. But I was not a great participate this past weekend and had no desire to engage in the nonsense around me. It was an overwhelming sadness weighing on my mind. But again, I'm feeling a bit better.

(A little female human contact couldn't hurt either).

I'm trying to do the things that'll make me happy. But like anything worth doing, it's hard. Hopefully tomorrow the internet and computers will be back to normal and I can get that story I wrote completed and available for reading. Until then, keep your chins up and help me help you to keep the bastards at bay.

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  1. YOu and I having drinks counts as contact.
    I am, after all, a woman.....