Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cucumber Man

I’m Cucumber Man.
I pretend to be cool
but I’m not.

My cape flaps in the
summer winds as I
hang on for dear life
on the ledge of things
suddenly seeming
out of my control.

My battles are epic
in the landscape of
my mind’s Metropolis.
I’ve laid waste to
years of potential and
productivity through cold
and hot wars with my arch
nemesis, Count Anxiety and
his Legion of Doubt.

The fights pitch between
confidence and cowardice,
honor and stupidity,
patience versus impatience,
all while wreaking havoc
through the innocent lives
of the city dwellers.

It’s a stalemate most of
the time, with neither side
claiming victory or defeat.
Usually Drunk Man appears
to mediate a peace, but his wise
words are quickly forgotten once
Super Drunk Man crashes in.

Cucumber Man just leaves because
he doesn’t have time for that and
Count Anxiety has turned back into his
alter-ego, Fuck It Man.     

Either way, they’re all wearing
masks and they’re
all me. 

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