Friday, August 24, 2012


Jerry picked a bunch of the flowers in the railing planter.
Karen made herself a little something sweet for breakfast.
Thomas decided to walk.
Steven held the door for her.
Molly took the stairs.

Brian folded her clothes.
Roger brushed his daughter’s hair.
Kate remembered his name.
Laura decided what to wear.
John put down the phone.

Brian took a second to remember.
Devon stepped out of the way.
Hilda hugged herself.
Lashawn took a look skyward.
Maggie wrote a letter.

Mary missed the bus.
Tony took the train.
Robert found his bicycle pump.
Ann sipped her coffee.
Walter read the news.

Harold fixed his tie.
Jennifer started the meeting.
Lauren answered a question.
Donna closed the drawer.
Silvia decided to quit.

Evan woke up early.
Joe rubbed his eyes.
Bridget found her sunglasses.
Jessica lost her way.
Bob took advantage.

Sarah found a dollar.
Bill made a mess of it.
George fixed the drain.

Michael wrote a poem.  

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