Friday, August 3, 2012

Hotter ‘n Hell

Sweat trickled down my nose,
down my back,
over my chest,
dampening my once
laundered shirt.

I had to run in the
morning sun,
trying to catch a train
to get to my bane.

I missed it.




I ran back down from
the commuter train platform and
raced to the local
train the next block over.
Breathing heavy
and already a sweaty
mess of a man.

I rushed into the station,
paid my fare and got
stalled on the
escalator by the
walking dead.

I had to run up three
flights of stairs only
to just miss the next
local train




I sweat, there’s no denying
it. I can’t help it. It’s my genes.
I couldn’t stop while waiting for
the next train.

A salty puddle of out of breath
hotness, sitting on the next
train that came along,
wiping the copious wetness
off my nose and forehead
while trying to look put
together for all the pretty
married women I saw.
(and there were a few)

It was hot.
I wondered what I did to
deserve such hellish
morning treatment.

Then I remembered last night
and I wonder if she’s mad.
A sweaty man,
sitting in hell,
wondering about the
curses of the previous night. 

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