Monday, August 27, 2012

Violent Universe

“The universe is a dangerous place. We inhabit a very tiny portion of the universe. It’s a mere speck on the tapestry that is the universe and we’re constantly in danger”, said Professor Jacobs just as he crumpled to his knees, clutching his bleeding stomach, and died.

I had been there to save him but I wasn’t in time. I found out too late about his penchant for young female students and graphic Romanesque sexual appetite. I thought it was his stalker that was the crazy one. She exhibited all the signs of someone desperately obsessed, right down to the cliché candle lit shrine to the late professor in her dorm. I didn’t put it together until I found the Professor’s photo collection hidden behind his astronomy book. It was him, driving her insane in an overcomplicated plot of sex and drugs.  I felt it for the first time in a long time; that I wasn’t able to help the girl or save the mark. I thought I was getting too old, too slow. At least I caught the poor young girl. And maybe I was just lucky.

“Detective? Detective Marsdale”.

A young uniformed police woman approached me from the rear and I turned to see her. She cut quite a nice shape in her uniform. There was a twinkle in her blue eyes that reminded me of my own daughter.

“Detective Marsdale, there’s a call for you”.

That’s never good news.

“Thank you Officer?...”
“Dakota, Officer Dakota”, she replied.
“Dakota? Really?”
“Yes sir”, she replied.

Clearly it’d been a point of contention for her for a long time so I decided to drop it. I thanked her and headed to my car and called in. The lieutenant wanted me to wrap things up at the University and head down town. There was another murder. Always another murder. I tried to tell the Lieutenant that I was tired and just wanted to finish the paperwork on Ms. Lonelyheart and go to bed. He told me that someone else would take care of it. This needed my attention.

It was just getting cool outside as I drove toward the Hessman Building. A summer rain had fallen and the streets were cooling off.  The very wealthy Mr. Hessman was found dead by one of the cleaning staff employees about an hour ago. It seemed he was drained of all his blood but there was none at the scene.

I lit a cigarette and remembered I promised my daughter I would quit. I tossed the smoke out the window and accelerated.  

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