Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This morning I’ve struggled against the tides of complete and utter blankness. This page has been covered in meaningless and empty words over and over again. I’ve been trying to find a story or a poem or even a clever anecdote to tell but this page has been mocking me all morning.

There’s nothing that comes to mind that can convey the right feeling or words today. I’m hot, I’m hungry, and I’m searching for something to sustain my soul. Instead I get a lot of phone calls and e-mails and mail and more e-mails and more phone calls and before you know it I’m drowning in a rolling sea of work. This is not what I want of course.

I’d always prefer to sit here and write about the amazing adventures of say… Arnold the Space Trucker. He’s a regular Joe chucking his way through the cosmos delivering and picking up all sorts of space related travel items. His only companion is the sparkling voice of Velma, the logistics manager at the Spaceco trucking company, over the communicator and she soothes Arnold’s bleeding heart.  

See, you’d read that. However, poor Arnold never got past the first paragraph because I couldn’t figure out why I should even care about Arnold. Maybe it was the name, maybe I should have called him Jet or Sven or maybe Brock. Maybe then he wouldn’t have seemed so pitiful. He would have been a hard case then. A tough, scarred up, gun toting Wildman with no rules but his own. Jet or Sven or Brock would go about loving gals in every space port and then leave them with his own special brand of birth control; murder.

Arnold on the other hand would have been a mopey, wide eyed romantic, carefully planning his next visit to Omega 12 to see Lurleen and maybe finally have the courage to tell her that he loved her, before that rotten Biff Brohanson arrives with his brand new Space Cadillac and whisks her away and then probably murders her, or something like that.

Yes, this page is a complete and total mockery of what I’d like to do every day. So any fine young, impressionable, beautiful women looking to get this served up every day, let me know. Oh yeah. Hot stuff here. Sizzling.

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