Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Blinding Light

In every life there is
Someone or something
that brightens even the
darkest corners of the

This beacon is reliable
and its significance is often
taken for granted until the
night creeps in and the
light doesn't come on.

Fear fills you, hope leaves
you, and you’re left groping
through the midnight chaos,
struggling to remember the
path you first started.  

You’re left wondering why
you never cherished the light
more completely or thanked
the light for being there while
you stumbled and crashed into the
things you knew were there but
could no longer see.

The weight is unbearable,
the darkness is nearly complete
until the moment you realize
that your light is now illuminating
something new, something better,
something more grand than your
imagination could have ever
conceived and in that realization you
start to see it.

The new pin hole of light emerging
in that dark place, glowing a little
stronger with each passing hour and
day. You have a renewed appreciation
for the light and promise yourself
you’ll not let it fade. 

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