Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Adequately Inadequate

I seem to be getting along okay.
I've got some bills I should pay and
maybe I should spend my money
a little more wisely, but ultimately
I'm doing okay.

That guy in the mirror seems to
disagree though. He tells me every
time I look. "You're lazy and fat and
no woman will ever love you", he'll
bark at me while I wash my hands.

I shake my head at him and repeat
that I'm doing okay. I've got a comfy
couch and food to eat. I smoke less
than I did before and I'm walking a
lot more.

"You're a drunk and nobody likes
you. You alienate everybody because
you're a snob", he'll shout from the
bathroom while I'm in the bedroom
trying to put my shoes on.
(It's quite a task in the morning)

I'm polite and nice to everyone and I
usually have a smile on my face. I try
very hard not to lose my temper and I
stay very even keeled.

The mirror me keeps yammering,
"You're boring. You bore me. You bore
everybody", he says while I brush my

I'm peaceful as I can be. I try not to
ruffle any feathers or make people do
things they might not want to do or are
not comfortable doing. I'm relaxed.

"Oh, are you talking? I was so bored",
he'll say. "Go find a wife to listen to
you're boring crap", he'll continue as I
get my coat.

I'll get my keys and head to the door.
"So, I'll see you later tonight", my reflection
"Of course you will", I respond.

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