Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Night Writer

This will take some getting used to.
I'm not used to writing things at night.
I've also discovered I can't write

I tried last night to scratch out
a few words and phrases but
due to the cold floor beneath
my feet I just couldn't.

I found myself dwelling too
much on my recent
jealous and arrogant mistakes
and the bareness of this
hardwood floor.

I discovered that while I
may have an openness and
fairness to my mind, my
ability to find perspective
is slightly askew.

As I was barefoot I thought
about something my mother
said about walking a mile in
another person's shoes.

I may be able to understand their
life, but I wear their shoes without
walking and seeing through their
eyes. I think their shoes are cramped
and small and full of holes.

My mother said that wasn't having
perspective because I'm still judging
instead of just experiencing.

It's something that'll keep me up
at night, something to write about,
at night.  

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