Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Year Anniversary

This blog piece marks the two year anniversary of A Minute with Michael. This particular piece is the 463 article I have written. I won't say I'm prolific, but that seems like a lot for two years. I do love it so though. (See ladies, I can totally commit).

It has honestly been my real pleasure to write these little stories, poems and nonsensical ravings of a mildly depressed and lonely thirty-something. I hope you dearest reader, whom I love, has enjoyed reading them just as much. I hope some of them have put things in perspective or at least let you peek into the world of my imagination or helped you come to grips with how much you actually don't like me. I welcome all opinions. Unless they are completely baseless and ignorant of course.

These pages have seen my blossoming loves, my bitter disappointments, my moral outrage and the lessons I've learned in this peculiar life's journey. It's really a form of telepathy, my thoughts transferred to a page and then heard in your head as you read it. (GooOOOoooooOO MaaAaaAAaaKkkkkKKeee Meee a SAAaaaNNnDDDWWich...) See. Power of the mind.

I'm proud to have shared so much of myself with all of you. Even those that no longer like me. I apologize to them furiously as I hope these pages can express how deeply I miss certain friendships and relationships. If anything, these pages have born the burden of my humanity and the expressions of my heart.   I haven't always been right, in fact, sometimes I've been dead wrong. It's been through this experience however that I've learned so much about myself and those that read what I write.

I appreciate those readers that have stuck with me from the beginning and offer colorful observations or criticisms of my subject matter or material. It let's me know that you do care and that means the world to me. I hope it continues.  Always feel free to comment.

I'd like to add a personal note to Lauren who showed how to set this blog up and offered me an outlet for all the craziness in my head. Thanks girl.

On another personal note I'd like to thank the makers of women's Yoga pants. Ladies, they look great on you.

Thank you all again very much and hopefully tomorrow we'll have a wonderful poem about how I should have done laundry instead of going to the bar for my Thursday night libation(s).


  1. Congrats on your anniversary. You're pretty darned prolific - I can't keep up with you (but then I can barely keep up with myself!)

  2. Great job, MIke! If anything, the blog has made me like you more, not less.

  3. I'd ike a sweet poem about women's yoga pa.ts.