Thursday, November 8, 2012

So you're busy....

Thursdays are not normally high intensity days. They usually roll about like a baby seal on a cold shoreline waiting for the sun to warm their ever expanding fat bodies. However, today they've been on alert since the killer whale sightings in the area. There's been a lot of seal bellowing and barking and clapping as the waves curled and peeled up and down the shoreline. It's been a busy day.

I usually find the time in the morning to scratch out something for you all to read. I hope it's usually a little something that helps your day go faster, or makes you realize that my life is more depressing than yours so you have something to be cheerful about. Either way, when I don't get that chance I feel like I'm letting my loyal reader down. (Yes. I know. I wrote "reader").

It's not that I'm worried about my readership, I'm obsessed with it. I check my reader statistics at least 25 times a day. It's actually become quite a sickness. It's something I think all writers have deep inside. They have a burning desire to know who is reading what they write and often, what they think of it. It's something that actors and painters and musicians all seem to share. This desire to entertain while also expressing themselves. With all entertainment of course comes the desire for acknowledgement.

I can't imagine Shakespeare was so confident that he never asked some poor friend of his, "So, whatd'ya think?"
"I don't get it? Everybody dies at the end", the friend might ask.
"Totes. Everybody. But do you like it?"
"Yeah, yeah, it's good Bill. Really good".

So much like that nervous William Shakespeare, I'm very curious about your thoughts on what I write. Feedback is essential in order to get any better.  Even if the blog isn't completed until late in the afternoon because my "real" job makes me do stuff like go to client meetings and talk and be knowledgeable about stuff. I still like to know that I'm making, if not a difference, then... perhaps touching you in some way. (No, not that way... unless you're a beautiful woman, then yes, that way...)

I'm not overly worried about writing this so late or over the top worried about what you might think about it, but I do like to know and grow if I can. If I learned anything about the meetings I've been in for the last two days is that feedback is essential in presenting a good product.

(Psssssttt... beautiful woman, I'll be at the bar tonight, come say hello)


  1. What do you mean "reader?" It looks to me like you have 16 members. But 2 followers. What is the difference between a member and a follower? In any case, since I now know you are interested in feedback, I will try to give you more of it. I enjoyed today's entry. And overall I especially appreciate the fact that you know spelling, punctuation, and grammar rules.

  2. Thank you Anonymous. I appreciate your readership. I have no idea what the difference between a member and a follower is. Thank you for your appreciation of the classic Strunk & White rules of grammar. :)

  3. this is a different anonymous.

    keep writing and i'll keep reading.