Friday, November 16, 2012

The Desire Disease

I want to reach out to her,
to touch her, physically
and emotionally. I want
her fingers to linger
on my arm for just a
while longer than would
normally be appropriate.

I want to taste her kiss
and feel her body up
against mine as we stand
in a doorway on a rainy
summer night.

I want to listen to her
voice as she tells me about
the time she was in
college and they got into
so much trouble for that thing
they did with shaving cream.

I want her to tell me
that everything will be
alright and I want it to
be true.

I want her to count the
minutes till she can see me
I want her to be real.

It's desire. Burning within,
making these long days
even longer than they should

It's cliche to sit sadly at the
window and look out at a world
so in love and not feel a part of it.
Reality won't convince anyone to
do anything they don't think is
right and no matter my desires,
neither can I.

It's fun to try though.

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