Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What it Takes

With his laser now fully re-charged, Gary could return fire against the advancing Killocon infantry. He popped up from behind his stone embankment and started picking off the Killocons as they marched in nearly classic 1700’s British Military style. It was dumb.

Of course there was an enemy named the Killocons, why wouldn’t there be. The universe was just as vast and strange as every historical science fiction show ever predicted, maybe even stranger. The Killocons were of course bent on the destruction of all Earthlings so they could harvest the planet’s resources blah, blah, blah. Gary blasted through at least 30 Killocons before his laser rifle needed another re-charge. He thought that he should have got the upgraded laser rifle after the last invasion but Apple wanted way too much for it.

Ever since the Mars missions there had been interested off-world eyes on Earth, waiting for the right moment to strike. Earth had beaten them all through sheer resistance. Usually the alien weapons and technology was far more advanced than Earth’s but with patience and time we’ve come out on top. Like we would against the Killocons; they lacked any imagination and couldn’t think creatively enough to defeat the free thinking Earthlings. “Another few months”, thought Gary, “and things will be back to normal.”

Gary hurried back to base to get a better charge on his rifle. He ran past Mary who was sitting smoking her e-cigar. Her face was dirty and her blonde hair was mashed up from being under her helmet. Gary still thought she was beautiful.

“Hey Mary”, he shouted to her.
“Hey Gary”, she replied.

Gary ran toward her as a Killocon laser catapult exploded in the distance. He plopped down next to her and smiled.

“So, I was wondering if you were going to the USO dance later tonight”, asked Gary.
“Are you asking if I’ll be your date you worthless maggot”, said Mary.
“Gosh you talk pretty. But yeah, you wanna be my date”, asked Gary.

Part of the wall behind Mary and Gary exploded and covered them both in concrete dust.

“Sure. I’d love to be your date” said Mary.
“Awesome. Awesome. So I’ll pick you up at your barracks at what? 19:00 hours”, asked Gary.
“Sounds good. I’ll wear that dress you like”, shouted Mary over the Killocon Hoverwrecker that drifted overhead.
“The what”, asked Gary.
“That slutty dress you like, I’ll wear it”, shouted Mary.
“Not for long”, shouted Gary.

He winked at her and took off back toward base as the Killocon Hoverwrecker burst into green flames and went crashing down toward the ground.   Gary wondered if he ever would have had a chance with a girl like Mary if it weren't for the constant alien attacks. He dreaded the thought that he could have wound up as an insurance adjuster like his father. The thought of spending every day in a cardboard and carpet cubicle made Gary shudder.

He tossed a pulse grenade over his shoulder at a Killocon Infantry carrier and then dove toward the command center entrance just as the vaporizer activated and the carrier imploded with a strange pop, which was far more common now then when Gary first heard them.

“Nice throw solider”, said Commander Addison.
“Thank you sir”, said Gary.

Gary continued into the command center wondering what he should wear to the dance and if he needed a shave.

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