Friday, December 7, 2012

There it is Again

The word “pangs” is a good word. I think it sounds like what it is. It’s a short, sharp pain or a sudden, intense and usually a distressing feeling. Heart Pangs, or for us drinkers out there, liver pangs. For me, this morning it was desire pangs.

It was so palpable and pang worthy this morning to see the Friday casual clothing choices so many lovely women made this morning. The tight fitting stretch pants or tight jeans tucked into boots for this chilly winter day. There’s something about that outfit I find very appealing. PANG! And it hit me, the desire pangs.

It’s a cruel feeling I think, especially when one is as single as me. Although I started thinking about if I had a girlfriend and I saw these women in these desirable outfits. Would I still feel this pang or would my mind think about my girlfriend wearing a similar outfit. Of course the woman I would date would no doubt already have the boots and tight pants as part of her regular wardrobe rotation. So would my mind think about her in that outfit or would my mind wander and linger over all the varieties of women wearing the same thing.

I’ve been single for so long I just wasn’t sure. I would like to think that if I indeed have a girlfriend I wouldn’t be bothered with desire pangs for other girls and their sexy outfits. I’m a very loyal and decent boyfriend. I’ve never cheated and I’ve always considered myself to be impeccably decent. I would like to think that if I was happy with the woman I was with the pangs of my single man’s heart would have dimmed with thoughts of simply holding my girl’s hand after a long day of work.

Goodness I’m sweet. Ick.

I will admit that as I was trying to get to sleep last night I was thinking about how much I would like to be found. I’m constantly on the look-out for Mrs. A Minute With Michael but it’s exhausting. So I was thinking I’d like it if she found me.

Well, again, this is pretty much a re-hash of my usual and boring single guy complaints so I’ll cut it short here. I’ll get out to get a few drinks tonight and try not to let myself feel too alone.

Also, as a side note and unrelated completely, today is Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. So don’t forget. 

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