Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The iceberg fell away
from the larger ice mass
and into the cold dark sea.
There was a tremendous splash
as the block dipped below the
water and then bobbed
triumphantly back to the surface.

It was a long time coming for
this iceberg to be born, now free
to roam the seas as it saw fit,
to drift with the currents and
see what was just beyond the

It drifted further out to sea, seeing
the original land mass getting smaller
in the distance while the vastness of
the oceans got wider. It wasn’t long
before the iceberg found itself
alone in the slowly moving current.

The iceberg flowed with the waters to and fro,
its fortunes promised by the wind and tide.
It bobbed and moved through choppy
waters and calm glassy seas. Occasionally
spying a whale or dolphins breaking the
surface to catch their breath, but never to say

The sun shaped the iceberg over the years
and it became a hard, craggy place where
life could not find purchase. It stayed barren
and adrift in a sea of inconsolable callousness.

Nothing visited, nothing stayed. The iceberg
was too cold and hard and meandering
mindlessly through the rough seas.

A lonely, frozen berg of ice forever

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