Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Daily I decide to deal
with the degradation of
my dignity with
dalliances into day
dreaming and doting
on the don’ts, the
doubtful and the
didn’t happens.

I squander the sensitivities
I so sincerely wish to spend
on the special, softer sex with
spoliations of my stuttering
speech and slurred intention.

This thumping in my
throat, from a thudding
heart, threatens the temerity
of my intentions and the
tone of my thinking.

How hard I hope for a
half-moment to hold her
hand in a heated moment
and hear her whispered
heart humming a harmonious
hymn of happiness.

For as far as I can feel
with every fiber in my
flesh, I can’t forget the
fantasy her female form
found worthy in this

All around my adoration
is an abyss of the actual and
the armored anti-bodies of
the real anatomy of amorous

I am diligent in my delusion
but deftly aware of it’s seriousness.
No drifting into damaging day-dreamings,
deny the depth of the desire
and do the can do’s, the doable,
and the definite. 

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