Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It Will Fall

The sky has been gray
and ominous, fat with
potential winter droppings
to blanket the streets.

It makes weathermen
and weatherwomen
nervous to see the
spreading clouds on their
radar screens. They feel
like Paul Revere or Israel
Bissell and are compelled
to warn us that the white
coats are coming.

The White Coats are coming.

The snow will fall.
Fat flakes tumbling down
 to the bare sidewalks and streets
   and coat them all with a wintery

                 The snow will drift
         back and forth over our heads
    as we try to struggle through it’s
rapid accumulation.

           We’ll trudge through it as it continues
    to drift and sway in the strong wind
         that blows it in swirling dancing spires
of a winter ballet.

It will kick and buck and do it’s
best to slow us down,
to keep us mired. It won’t last.
It can’t last. It has no staying power.
The sun will return and smile, warming
us back up into something less abominable.

Something to rise. 

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