Friday, March 22, 2013

Phonics of Love

What is it about the voice
of someone you love?

It’s intangible.

Especially over the phone.
It’s broken down digitally
and beamed through the
air, sent hundreds of miles
up into the atmosphere and then
bounced back down to a waiting

It’s like describing a cool
breeze scented of lilies
on a hot summer night to
someone that’s never
known anything but
dust and desert.

The voice of your love
fills your mind with thoughts
of their sweet and beautiful lips
carefully forming each syllable and
sound. Each new word makes your
heart beat fast and blood flow. That voice
fanning the flames of lust, driving
one into a frenzy of erotic longing
and passionate desire for their touch.
You feel that one more gently
whispered word will make you burst
and all you want is to explode all the more.

Imagining your lover’s tongue
carefully arching and rolling
to bend the sugary words that
we long to hear. A sigh. A pause.
A deep breath.

It’s the tenor and the tone
of our lover’s words, the voice,
that nourishes through times when
all can feel lost. A lover’s voice
can make knees weak and stomachs
churn with delightful

A chirp, a tsk, a giggle, a slight moan,
can send one over the moon
and back to Earth with dreams
of touch and visions of
tender embraces.

The voice of a lover is
as powerful as the sun
and often just as warm.
It’s just how we imagine it
and wish we could wear it
like armor against all the
terrible things in the world.

And that’s what it is about
the voice of who you love. 

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