Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What is That?

It's keeping me
from sleep.

Is it my bones making
that awful noise?
Is it my feet?
Is it the winter cold
howling through
the various cracks
and crevices of my
Am I grinding my
Are my neighbors
hiding a Yeti?
A Sasquatch?
Are there children
under the stairs?

I can’t see it.
I can only hear it.
The creaking.

It sounds like a noise
a Hollywood studio
would use to simulate
the sounds on a Pirate
ship as it drifts across
a watery soundstage.

Is it an Earthquake?
Is it the end of the world?
Is it love?
Is it hate?
Is it just what it is
without meaning or

Is it the sound of
skeletons dancing
around a funeral pyre?
Is it a thousand ancestors
stirring in wooden caskets
under ground?

No, wait… It’s just the wind. 

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