Monday, April 29, 2013

Open the Window

Open the window
and let in the sunshine.
Put away the heavy
jackets and fold
your scarf away.

Forget the memory
of snow and cold,
of bundled hell on
the frozen train
platform on mornings
when it seemed sunshine
never actually existed.

Shake the chill from
your bones and inhale
the newly minted air
wandering though
your open windows.

Remember how the
sun’s rays crawled across
the walls through the
day and lengthen the
shadows of the things
you own.

See how warm it all
looks with spring sunlight
glinting off a forgotten
winter corner of dread.

The freshness of sounds
that were completely
shut out behind the closed
windows of the cold now
echo up to your ears and
make you remember.

Children playing,
cars roaring,
music blaring,
all though the open windows.

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