Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Stepping Back

I fret.
I worry.
I am concerned.
I pace the floor.
I consider.

I frown.
I mumble.
I remember it all.
I push it away.
I well up.

I decline.
I refuse.
I doubt.
I curse.
I moan.

I am solitary.
I hear my own voice.
I want another voice.
I dream.
I type.

I think of perspective.
I regret.
I rue.
I ache.
I wait.

I step back.
I disconnect.
I think of the now.
I worry about the worries.
I cover it up.

I find a laugh in a drawer.
I find a smile in a photo.
I put them on like a mask.
I brave it as best as I can.
I hate it.

I breathe.
I sigh.
I step through the door.
I find the rain.
I go forward.  

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