Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I bought a comb last
week and it made me
happier than anything
has in a very long time.

It’s a very simple thing,
a comb. Just a bit of
plastic, teeth, black, cost
about seventy nine cents.

The hairbrush I’ve
had since childhood seemed
lonely. It’s a Sears boar hair
brush with a sandalwood body
and handle. It’s finely polished
after over thirty years of use.
It’s a wonderful hair brush.

But sometimes a man just
needs a comb. And I wanted
one. I’ve wanted one
for a very long time yet I
didn’t really know where
to get one.

Until I happened upon one
in a corner store. It was pure
chance and once I saw it I
knew I had my chance to
buy it.

I couldn’t wait to use it.
I couldn’t wait to run it
though my thick locks.
I was giddy with

As soon as I got home
I went to my bathroom and
started combing my hair.
I giggled and laughed and
marveled at it. I smiled and
chortled and snorted.

I combed my hair up.
I combed my hair back.
I combed my hair to the right.
I combed my hair to the left.

It felt wonderful to have
this little bit of plastic,
something I wanted for
so long finally in my hand.

It reminded me that I have
the capacity to be happy.
That it hasn’t all been taken
from me by the world.

I could still feel joy and
wasn’t fully dead inside.

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