Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The mortar between the bricks
of my apartment building
must have felt
the four o’clock AM wave of
doom that shattered the skies

A booming crackle so momentous
it seemed the pillars of heaven
were collapsing to Earth.

I was startled awake by the
explosion in the sky as it
worked its way through the spine
of my apartment.

Rattling windows,
cracking ceilings, shuddering

I thought something, a monster,
Cthulhu, or a fallen Saint had
ripped through the veil of this
universe and was now on a
collision course with humanity.

It would be dire. There’d be few
survivors. Humanity had seen its
last days and they weren’t even
that interesting.

My sleeping brain came to
recognize the familiar pings and
pelts of heavy raindrops
drumming the exposed portion
of my air conditioner.    

There was nothing coming to
tear this world asunder. It was
angels bowling. God taking off his
shoes and dropping them to the
floor. Merely thunder shattering
my slumber.

I drifted back to sleep, calmed
by the percussion of rain battering
my air conditioner. Relaxed in the
bosom of my bed.
I dreamed. 

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