Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Weight of Gravity

The blankets were too heavy.
They pressed down more
than was comfortable.
It was crushing me.

I kicked the blankets off
and rolled over on the bed
to my left side yet still felt
the weight bearing down.

I started to wonder about
the weight of things, the things
that make me hunch my
shoulders when I walk,
the things that keep my
head down, that keeps
a frown on my face.

The weight of it all.
The job.
The responsibility.
The unrequited fantasies.
All the good, all the evil.
What I can change,
what I can’t.
The means to know without
the ability, the tools, to do.

I rolled over onto my back
under the weight and
felt it pushing me down
further. My heels started to
hurt under the pressure, I had
to roll to my right side.

Time had slowed in this
gravity well. I was in slow
motion while the world
sped by, relativity whizzed
into reality. My brain trapped
in the spinning event horizon,
stretching worry and doubt,
love and hate, dreams and prayers
into infinity, then to nothingness.

Thoughts, spinning, untamed,
unharnessed, unhinged.
Pressing down on me.
The weight of it. 

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