Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There’s Trouble

It’s not going well today.
There’s a lot of behind
the scenes ramblings that
have me nervous.

It’s trouble that seems
to follow me everywhere
I go. A monster, creeping
and crawling from the
darkest sludge of my
life that prevents my
ultimate happiness.

The crippling nature of
the beast that resides
in the most well
meaning parts of me
that always causes me

It’s effects are far reaching
and completely evil in

I’m incapable to
defeat it in my
weakened state.
But I must continue
to suffer through
the slings and arrows
hurled at me.

It’s trouble.
Always trouble nipping
at my heels.
I’m tempted at times
to let it just get me.

But I don’t.
I suffer in the clutches
of trouble and pretend
I can survive it. But I
know it’ll get me one day.

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