Monday, August 19, 2013


The night was filled with

the terrible swirling of specters

and bodiless worries.

Shut eyes brought no

relief from the staring of

eyeless sockets peeking

over my head.

They attacked and swayed

in unnatural ways, peering

for too long at my troubled


Giant heads with little bodies,

long black hair swimming around

faceless women, drifting and then

darting around me.

They were all the troubles I

fight with. All the non-stop

burdens of constant fears

playing with a mind too

awake to sleep but too weary

to wake.

They tugged and pulled

at the essence of my hopes

to dash them on the battered

rocks of the unknown.

There was no respite through

the night. It was a constant

waterfall of horrors beating

against my brain.

Sleep ebbed and flowed

until the tide finally settled

and I woke in the morning,

un-refreshed and more worried

than the night before.

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