Monday, August 26, 2013

The Curse

            “Remember that girl I dated in College,” asked John.

            “I think there was more than one,” said Kyle.

            “The witch,” said John.

            Kyle looked at John with a raised eyebrow. He put his coffee cup down and shook his head.

            “You never dated a witch,” said Kyle.

            “Yes. I did. She went to that art school. She was all into magic spells and incantations and stuff,” said John.

            “I don’t think I remember her. Wait, was she the lesbian one,” asked Kyle.

            John looked out the café window and sighed.

            “Well, what about her,” asked Kyle.

            “I think she put a curse on me after we broke up,” said John.

            “A curse? You’ve got to be kidding me,” said Kyle.

             Kyle laughed and looked around the café to see if anyone was listening. He wondered if anyone around was giving John the old crazy eye.

             “Why do you think she put a curse on you,” asked Kyle.

            “After we broke up my life just hasn’t seemed to work out the way I thought it would. It seems like I’ve just been failing at everything ever since that night I told her I didn’t want to see her anymore,” said John.

            “I don’t think that would have anything to do with a college girl and her BS curse,” said Kyle.

             John looked at Kyle and frowned.

             “I’m saying I don’t think a sexually confused college freshman would have the power to cast a spell of failure on you John. I just don’t think she had the ability. She wasn’t a witch,” said Kyle.

            “So you do remember her,” asked John.

            “No. I don’t remember her, but that isn’t important. I really don’t think she put a curse on you,” said Kyle.

             A waitress came over and asked if there was anything else either of them needed. The waitress was wearing a name tag identifying her as Megan. John looked up at her meekly.

             “No, we’re fine, but Maggie, I’d like to ask you a quick question if that’s okay,” said Kyle.

            “Sure honey,” said Maggie.

            “Do you think a college freshman girl has the almighty gypsy power to place a curse on my friend here,” asked Kyle.

             John blushed and tried to wave her off. Maggie smiled and leaned forward toward the café table.

             “I don’t think so. Although I’ve seen some girls tear through the heart of a man with the efficiency of a bullet or carve guys up with the malice of an Aztec priest,” said Maggie.

            “But no witchy curses right,” asked Kyle.   

            “No, no witchy curses,” said Maggie.

            She smiled at them both and left the table.

            “You’re a dick,” said John.

            “Yeah, but I’m right. So let’s get out of this place and see about getting your life back on track you wretched animal,” said Kyle.

             Kyle left some money on the café table and the two got up and headed out toward the sidewalk. John playfully punched Kyle in the shoulder. He opened the café door and heard a yell. He looked to his left to see some panicking movers with a crane. John looked up as a shadow fell over him. A piano fell from nowhere and smashed John.

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