Friday, September 20, 2013


iPhone using, Abercrombie wearing,

designer eyeglasses, tee-shirt by Atari,

Coach satchel with the seat belt buckle,

specialized brewed beer made in small distinct batches.

Apple using, Google reading, You Tube watching,

HBO loving. Whole Foods shopping,

TV commercial quoting, Yoga doing,

Green Tea drinking, pumpkin spices.

Nike running, Insurance company sponsored,

Prius driving, X-Men watching, FX laughing,

Liberty, American, Home, Family, Honda selling,

McDonald’s hating, Burger King indifference.

Franklin, Washington, Lincoln, Pontiac,

iTunes, Comcast, Star Wars,

Disney princesses, Uncle Ben, Hamburger Helper,

Maytag, Keurig brewing, Starbuck’s sipping.

Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic, Walgreen’s,

Jewel, Moo & Oink,

United, Delta, Mr. Clean. Miller Lite.

Pedigree, Fancy Feast.

Irony, history, legacy.


1 comment:

  1. How on Earth did this not include a reference to 588-2300 Empire!