Friday, October 25, 2013

Marking the Day

                On October 25th 2010 I started A Minute with Michael (with a little help). Three years later I have written 677 articles, stories and poems. What started as an exercise in exploring my own writing ability has blossomed into the greatest public forum I have ever been a part of. It has been liberating to pour my thoughts and imaginings out onto these many white pages. It is a true chronicle of my own evolution as a writer and human being.

             These pages have borne witness to my heartaches, my joys, my silliness, and at times my silence. I’ve discovered the true power of words and have been very impressed by how my words have affected others. Now if only I could get some of you to read them, and at times, see the meaning behind some of my more abstract pieces.

             I’ve been lucky to stretch out my artistic heart on these pages. I’ve been lucky to have been a part of so many lives. I’m not sure what effect I’ve had on my readers but I’m pleased to have set up a little tent and campground in your brains. Sorry about those campfires, I might have been drunk while trying to roast marshmallows.

             These pages are like holding someone’s hand as we cross the street. There’s something safe about it. What’s on the other side is part of the wonder of the unknown. I can’t wait to get there though and I hope to soon turn a lot of my stories and poems into a small book; which you can then buy and have in your very own homes. (Perhaps a little bathroom reading.)

             Overall, I thank you, the reader for allowing me to express myself. It’s been fun and I hope to continue for as long as my brain works and my fingers can fly across these keys. I also hope that you, the reader, continue to enjoy these pages and offer any constructive criticism you may have. I’m always willing to get some feedback about anything I write.

             I will endeavor to continue to improve and hopefully, one day, your children will have to write a book report about a book I wrote. Then my revenge will be complete, um… I mean goal…goal will be complete…right. (Cough)

Write on!

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  1. Keep writing. I'll keep reading.