Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Behind all of our walls

are little pockets of

electrical energy,

humming and purring,

to bring electric life

to the items we daily use.


Behind the walls of

our skulls is that same

buzzing and popping

electricity searching

for a way to provide

power to our daily



Some outlets spark

and hiss, spewing

static singed air.

Some outlets sit

quietly unused.

Some outlets perform

their diligent duty.


The sad, scared screams

of some outlets, staring

from white painted walls,

begging for use, for something

to power.


The sad, scared faces of

some people, staring at their

own electrical reflection. Looking

for something to power.


I know I’m filled with

so much, to give, to share,

to power, yet nothing has

been plugged in. I want to

share my electricity.  

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