Friday, December 13, 2013

Lucky Day

            Secret Agent/Astronaut/Heart Surgeon Nick Dryer crashed his high performance flying spy-car through the front doors the evil ACRID Corporation. He deftly swerved passed the security desk, mowing down faceless drones and mercenaries. He drove up the staircase to the office of the mad genius and CEO, Creighton Lawless.

             “You’re one o’clock is here Mr. Lawless,” said Nick as he pressed the machine gun button on his steering wheel.

             The office doors exploded apart in a hail of gunfire. Nick tossed open his car door and leapt out as the car continued to speed forward and demolish Creighton Lawless’ large oak desk and then burst through the window behind it.

             “I cancelled my one o’clock,” said Creighton as he fired the automated laser cannons at Nick.

             Nick dodged the lasers and pulled his trusty side-arm from his shoulder holster and started to return fire. Explosions burst all around the smartly appointed office. Splinters and shards of all kinds sprayed through the room. Nick hardly flinched as flames licked his arms. He focused and aimed at the crystal chandelier above the evil Creighton Lawless. Nick pulled the trigger and his bullet sliced through the air and knocked the heavy chandelier from its mooring. Creighton only had a moment to leap out of the way before is shattered to the ground. Creighton’s laser cannon fell from his hands and skidded to a stop at Nick’s feet.  

             “Game over Lawless,” said Nick.

             Nick lowered the barrel of his side-arm at Creighton’s head. He was about to say some other pithy thing when he heard a thud and felt a pain in the back of his head. His legs gave out and he crumpled to the floor. Creighton looked up at the security guard holding the broken remains of a table lamp over the body of Nick Dryer.

             “Oh my god, I think… I think I killed him,” said the security guard.

              Creighton stood and dusted himself off. He looked at the security guard and then back down at the blood trickling from the back of Nick Dryer’s head.

             “Holy Shit, I think you did kill him,” said Creighton.
             “I didn’t mean to. I mean, I just meant to like, knock him out of something,” said the security guard.
            “I mean you really knocked the crap out of him. I mean, I think I can see his damn skull,” said Creighton.
            “Oh my god, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…,” said the security guard.

             The security guard dropped the broken lamp to the floor and stepped backwards. Creighton looked at the security guard’s nametag.

             “Your name is Osgood,” asked Creighton.
            “Um, yeah, Randy Osgood. Today is my third day here at ACRID Corp. I just, I just started my shift when this guy burst through the doors. I thought he was like, just a crazy person or like an old person that lost control of their car and crashed through the doors all accidental like.”

             Creighton smiled and put his hand on Randy’s shoulder.

             “Randy, today is your lucky day,” said Creighton.
            “My lucky day hm?”
            “Oh yes my friend, very lucky,” said Creighton.

             They turned away from Nick’s body and started toward the broken office doors as the sprinklers turned on to douse the flames.

             “Can I ask you something,” said Randy.
            “Of course,” said Creighton.
            “Where can I get one of those lasers? I think my kid would love one,” said Randy.

             Creighton laughed and escorted Randy toward the secret elevators that lead to the bio-weapons division.

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