Tuesday, December 31, 2013


            So end already 2013. It’s not that you were just cruel or unkind, rude or impatient, somewhat stupid and annoying; it’s that you were all of those things. I had a very rough 2013 in which I discovered the renewed joys of unemployment, new levels of human loneliness, the wonders of financial worry and extensive napping. Well, the napping wasn’t so bad.

             2013 certainly had its low points. There was that old chestnut death, creeping in to ruin things. He came in and messed up the joint, flipping tables, ashtrays, breaking mirrors, spitting on the floor, pooping in the corner, you know, the usual. There were a few too many tears in 2013. They stained 2013 like the Roman’s marked the “unclean”. The emotions of 2013 were dizzying and stupefying.

             Then there was all the unholy humdrum of the most unfulfilling work at the beginning of the year and then the search for some sort of similar unholy humdrum work towards the end.  It’s been a true hell 2013, for my wallet and my sanity. Nothing trumps sanity likes hours of TV focused on the cooking prowess of amateur chiefs in England, hot dogs, coffee and hours of cruising the internet for a new job.
            This passing year did have its fun points though. I did get to go to Dallas for the 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. I know that sounds a bit morbid but it was still a great get away. It actually sounds like a trip Wednesday Addams would enjoy now that I think about it. I lost weight at the beginning of 2013 due to some long walks and that was good.  I seem to have found those pounds however at the end of the year. They were right where I left them actually and in the last place I looked.

The hardest part of 2013, above the unemployment (which constantly hangs over my head like the sword of Damocles) was the impossible search for someone to pass the maddening time with. That’s been the worst part of 2013. I hung my heart on the wrong women a few times too often. It certainly felt like a trip to the gallows. My legs kicked and twitched in the breeze of unresponsive women. It hurt. Or as I think of it, it was a pain in the neck.  

Odd numbered years seem to always suck. I don’t believe in numerology but I can tell by looking back that 2013 had a huge stick up its butt. So I’m hopeful that 2014 will show more consideration and courage than 2013. I can hope all I want, of course, I know that the most constant thing in life, every passing year, is the eventuality of life. It happens whether we want it to or not. It’s more how we roll with the punches and the curves and the accidentally stepped in dog poop on the sidewalk while walking to the bar to meet a beautiful woman. Taking it in stride so to speak.

2014 has to do a lot of things to make up for its lousy, country, backwoods cousin 2013. I hope the opportunities presented in 2014 are multiple and many and easy to find. Easy as finding a penny face up on the ground.  So beat it 2013, get your crap and hit the road. Your rotting corpse of a year is stinking up the joint and we think you overstayed your welcome. 2014, you’re room is nearly ready. Thanks.

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