Monday, January 27, 2014


I’m addicted
to beauty
and I see it
all the time
in the faces
and bodies,
and eyes
of all the women
I love.

I’m hooked
on big smiles and
knowing glances.
I’m in awe of
happy laughter
and always want

I’m stuck on subtly
exposed skin,
begging for a slight
welcomed caress.
I’m a sucker for
desire, for want.

I’m all about the
way she moves,
the way she moves
me. The twinkle.
The shimmer.

I’m in the throes of
imagination, wondering
how her hands would
feel, in mine, on me,

I’m addicted to
beauty. To the simple
magic of her hard worked
yet effortless sensuality.
Her carefree yet concerned

I’m a junkie for

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