Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Happening

            Robot XKV hovered at the factory windows. It focused its optical sensors toward the green grassy field that sprawled out next door. Robot XK1 rolled toward XKV and nudged him.

             “Return to duty,” said Robot XK1.
            “Error,” said Robot XKV.

            XK1 rotated and activated its diagnostic probe. It waved the device over XKV’s hard metal shell. XK1 scanned for any malfunction.

             “No error detected. Return to duty,” said Robot XK1.
            “Error,” said XKV.

             XK1 held its position next to XKV.

             “Indicate error,” said XK1.
            “Outside,” said XKV.

             XK1 focused its optic sensors and pointed them in the same direction as XKV. They stood together in the factory window, gazing out at the blue sky and the green field. In the field they saw three children lying in the tall grass. They were on their backs gazing up at the wisps of fluffy clouds overhead.

             “I think that one looks like a train engine,” said Harriet.
            “I think it looks like a semi-truck,” said Henry.
            “I think that one, over there, looks like a plate of spaghetti,” said Thomas as he pointed.

             Harriet and Henry turned their heads to see where Thomas was pointing. Harriet shielded her eyes from the sun streaming down.

             “It kinda does look like a plate of spaghetti. Or the face of the devil,” said Henry.
            “Why are you always bringing up the devil,” asked Thomas.
            “I dunno. I think it’s funny, I guess,” said Henry.
            “I don’t think it’s funny at all,” said Harriet.

             Thomas rolled over and looked at Harriet. The sunlight seemed to give her an extra glow. She seemed more pretty than usual. Thomas felt something in his 10 year old chest, something gurgle in his stomach. He had a desire to hold Harriet’s hand. He’d never wanted to hold a girls hand before. Now suddenly, he felt compelled to reach out and grab hers.

             “C’mon, the devil is so funny,” said Henry.
            “You’re so weird,” said Harriet.

             Henry laughed and the three continued to look skyward.

             “That one looks like a butt,” said Henry.

             The three children laughed because the cloud really did look like a butt. A great big cheeky butt. It was like the huge butt of some old great aunt that only came around at Christmas time.

             A shift whistle blew at the factory and the three children sat up and looked toward the building. They looked up and saw the two robots in the window looking out at them.

            “What is their purpose,” said Robot XKV.
            “Unknown,” said Robot XK1.

            The two robots turned from the window and continued sweeping the factory floors.

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