Monday, January 13, 2014

It's what I heard

            I heard a comedian the other day explain why he thinks women are baffled by men. Or at least why women can find men to be so frustrating. He said it was because women can’t understand how a man can sit quietly and be happy. Men have the ability to literally slow their bodies down and just sit still. They do not have their minds cluttered with every little detail or thing. They slow down and just sit. It’s almost like a form of quiet meditation. And it makes women crazy.

             It is something that occurred to me when my cousin Tim and I were discussing the details of several Family Guy episodes. We knew the minutia about each episode while my other cousin Colette and my friend Nicole, could hardly believe we could recall such detail. They only had a vague recollection of the show. Nicole asked how we could remember so much and Tim and I didn’t have an answer. It wasn’t until later that I thought of it. We slowed down and sat quietly while watching the show, thus allowing us to absorb the details.  We were able to remember it because we were sitting silently and entered a sort of meditative state.

             It can be argued that women, whom I love deeply, don’t really slow themselves down as men do. They always seem to be interpreting and evaluating and seeing how things make them feel, or how it affects others. It’s their nurturing nature. They are filled with the constant details of their immediate experiences, whereas men, don’t. Men seem to only deal with what they can see. If they can’t see it or don’t have any connection to it, it doesn’t really matter. Women however seem to have their wheels spinning constantly about everything.

             This is not an accusation or a judgment of either gender. There is no malice or ill intent to be taken by either sex. It’s certainly open for debate. I’m sure there are exceptions to this supposition that men can slow themselves down and sit quietly and women don’t. It’s that way with all things, there are no absolutes. It is very likely there are women that can slow themselves down and calm their minds and there are men who are frantic with an overabundance of thought. But that’s not really the point I’m trying to make.

             It’s just what occurred to me when Nicole asked how we and men in general really, could recall such pointless details about a TV show, yet not remember when someone’s birthday was. I think that while men are watching TV or even the flickering flames of a bonfire we’re slowed down and we absorb information due to some evolutionary need; whereas women’s evolution did not design them that way. Women remember birthdays because evolutionary needs decreed their brain be hardwired for those details. Men are wired just so we don’t poop in the fire. So we sit quietly wondering what would happen if we pooped in the fire. But we don’t say that out loud and it drives women nuts that men can sit, be quiet and be happy.

             The other thing that I’ve heard and frankly had enough of is young people, 20 to 23 years old, posting things on Facebook and other social media sites telling us all what life is like, or about, or what it’s supposed to be. I think they should be banned from posting such things until they reach 35 or older. Who are they to tell us what life is like, about or supposed to be?

Anyway, that’s what I heard.

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