Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hey Kids

Why are you screaming
with such exuberance
and joy?

It’s very early for us
and yet, not you.
In fact, it might be
late. For you.

The shortness of
your little lives
deserves your joyful
chasing screams.

We scream in bars,
at the inadequacies
of our lives, you scream
on a playground
because it’s fun.

We pout about,
you shout and laugh
and I stand in my window,
jealous of it.

The sun on your face
is newer than it will
ever be for me.

Your high pitched screams
as some other little one
scurries about behind you
trying to tag you is something
I’ve forgotten.

I don’t remember what it’s like
to be that small and full of
absolute innocence and wonder.

My head is clouded with older person
nonsense, while yours is clouded with
what might be. And you scream and shout
with un-tempered joy at
the very action of running.

My feet hurt and I groan
at the prospect of sitting up.

Don’t ever let the world
quiet your screams of defiant

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