Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Tell me what is
Tell me what is
going on.
Tell me what is

Analyst, Analyze,
Opinionize, Objectify,
Posit, Propose.
Just tell me the
Just tell me how
terrible it is,
how sad,
how great,
how amazing,
how crushing.

Headlines, after this,
This will kill you, after the
break, what your heart might
be telling you, coming up.

More on, moron, this
in a moment, but
first, let’s look in on
Chef Reynaldo in our
studio kitchen.

Meanwhile, the world
spins, sunsets, sunrises,
madmen, despots, martyrs,
rise and fall, but let’s talk
about a local restaurant.

Just tell me,
I just want to know,
What’s the weather like?
Forget it.
I’ll just open a window.

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