Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April the 1st

I cut off my fingers,
I spent all my cash,
I buried a duck,

I drove a bus mad,
I found pirate treasure,
I made Jesus cry,
I took too many chances,
I told a big lie.

I pushed her around,
I stuffed my face,
I knocked like a maid,
I went to the moon,
I printed money,
I had a son,
I made a big deal,
I kissed the pope.

I drove in the ocean,
I turned blue,
I carved up a giant,
I took your shoe,
I sold the cow for beans,
I put a cat in a hat,
I wiped my nose on your sleeve,
I made it rain,
I made the wind believe.

I built a jetpack,
I solved ADD,
I came up with WTF and MTV,
I broke the mold,
I told the best joke,
I made the young old,
I invented patience...,



I told you so…

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