Friday, October 31, 2014

Decorated - The Halloween Story

             The table was decorated with all the Halloween finery Jim could muster. Spider cakes and Gummy Worms, Spaghetti brain salad, baby back ribs, Frankenstein Jell-O mold, monster napkins and party cups and a ratty looking Old Miss Havisham table cloth and candelabra. It was lit under a blood red light fixture draped with spider webs and gooey looking drippings. The dining room was festooned in black and purple bunting and the orange and black streamers coiled along the ceiling. The family photos on the walls were replaced with eerie holograms of phony ghostly old world photos.

            The front room was decked out in similar creepy fashion, severed limbs for arm rests on the couch, a bed sheet ghost hung carefully in the corner above the little smoke machine. A thin mist rolled along the front room floor up to a bubbling cauldron of punch. Jim was quite satisfied that his Halloween party would be the best one of the year. He’d spared no expense on little frights throughout the house. He even managed to find little sensors with motion activation speakers that screamed whenever someone went into the bathroom. He was sure it would be hilarious. He checked his watch and still had two hours before any guests would arrive. Plenty of time for him to get ready in his headless horseman costume. He’d gone to an old Opera house’s costume sale and he purchased one of the finest made costumes. It was all gold epaulets and blue velvet. It looked like it was straight out of Sleepy Hollow.

            The vampire clock in the kitchen hallway chimed the six o’clock hour with a sinister laugh. Jim chuckled and rubbed his hands together with excitement. He had no doubt whatsoever that this Halloween party would be the one people talked about for years to come. Whenever people thought about Halloween they’d think of his awesome party. He knew it would be great and all the sexy costumed girls would be ready to drop their panties for him all night, either out of fear or totally drunken compliance. It couldn’t be better.

            Jim went through his scary music collection by the stereo and removed all the terrible Halloween songs, Thriller and the Monster Mash would not be included in his party. He’d downloaded the music from the Exorcist and other terrifying movies, but not that ridiculous Michael Meyers music though. He hated that one. It was so over played at Haunted Houses and people got bored of it very quickly. He’d play chilling songs that slowly escalated into more danceable tunes. Tunes the scantily clad costumed women would enjoy. Jim loved Halloween for giving women permission to dress like complete sluts. He also enjoyed the scare factor, but seeing a woman’s bosom smashed into a sexy corset was an added bonus.

            Jim went on Facebook to check the invite status of his guests. The majority had accepted, with a few maybes. He’d invited mostly women to the party to create a three women to one man ratio. A Halloween party just isn’t a good party if it’s all dudes drooling over the one slutty Zebra or Bumblebee.

            Jim went to the kitchen to check on the hors d’oeuvres of lady fingers that looked like fingers and the cheese shaped like a severed head when there was a heavy knocking at the front door. Jim checked his watch and hoped that no one had come earlier than the expected time. He wasn’t even in costume yet and he didn’t want it to be ruined. He put the severed head cheese back into the refrigerator and went to the front door.

            “I hope it isn’t a guest, here too early,” said Jim as he opened the door.

            He pulled the door open expecting an early guest with some sort of appetizer and an offer to help with the set-up, or maybe it was Julie to surprise him with a pre-party quickie. That would be an awesome Halloween start. Sexy Julie in her barely there toga. That would be awesome. She was a knockout babe. Blonde and sexy, but she had little boobs, but Jim guessed her sexy pouty mouth made up for that.

            Jim looked up at the towering stranger at the door, red burning eyes, mouth open exposing rotting teeth and emitting an odor of burning death. The stranger’s white skull was exposed above his left eye and a worm could be seen wriggling just at the edges of the scalp.

            “Whoa, that’s a great costume! Are you trick or treating or here for the party? If you’re here for the party you’re just a bit too early as I’m not nearly ready,” said Jim.

            The stranger looked down at Jim and groaned and a beastly tongue poked out between his teeth.

            “So trick or treating then. No problem, I have tons of great candy. Hold on a second,” said Jim as he laughed slightly. It was a great costume this guy had.

            Jim turned back toward the stranger with some Kit-Kats and Starbursts. He offered the candy out toward the stranger. The stranger lifted his right arm and drove a hatchet into Jim’s face. Jim screamed as the blade pierced through his forehead and severed his nose in two. He staggered backwards against the hallway table, decorated with eyeballs and witches, knocking it to the ground. The stranger stepped over Jim and struck him again with the hatchet, separating Jim’s lower jaw from the rest of his face. The lower mandible hung sickly as Jim gurgled on his own thick blood. The stranger picked Jim up from the floor and flung him into the front room onto the couch with the severed limb arm rests. Blood splashed the floor and the couch as Jim smacked into the furniture.

            The monstrous stranger stepped further into the house and slammed the door behind him. Jim reached up to his mangled face and tried to put his lower jaw back to where it had been prior to answering the door. He felt the warm blood on his hands and smelled the coppery scent of it. He tried to scream but the blood was too thick in his throat and he started to choke. The stranger loomed over him, hatched raised to deliver the last bloody blow. He brought it down hard on Jims remaining face and caved in Jim’s forehead. Jim’s last thought was of Julie in her sexy toga. Why hadn’t it been Julie at the door?

            The stranger pulled the hatched from Jim’s dead face and sat down next to him. He pulled Jim’s body close and started stroking the bloody remnants of Jim’s head as an elderly woman would stroke a pet cat. The stranger drooled over the late Jim through a lipless mouth. He pulled Jim’s body over his lap and used the hatchet to cut into Jim’s abdomen. He pulled out Jim’s organs and splashed them around the couch and the front room. He stood and pulled Jim’s body through the house by his large intestine, spilling blood and bile and stomach acid across the previously polished hardwood floors. The red-eyed stranger then hung Jim’s body in a closet and shut the door.

            Julie arrived at eight o’clock on the dot. She wanted to be the first one at the party to flirt with Jim a little before the other sluts got there. She knew Jim was popular with the ladies, especially since his promotion to vice-president of finance at the brokerage house he worked at. She wanted to get in on that sweet VP money if she could and maybe she’d learn to love Jim after that, but that breast augmentation surgery wasn’t going to be cheap.

            Julie walked up Jim’s front porch carefully, her toga costume was very short, and one miss-step and the whole neighborhood would have a clear view of her private parts. She didn’t really want to give some little eight year old trick or treater a puberty forming treat unintentionally. She got to Jim’s door and rang the bell. A witch screamed and it sounded cheap to Julie’s ear. Too electronic to be scary. She waited a moment and then knocked. She hoped Jim would be ready for her. She straightened her top and tried to look sexy in the doorway.

            The door creaked open and she looked up at blood red eyes staring at her from the dimness of the foyer. The smell was unbearable and Julie took a step back. A hand reached out from the darkness around her throat and pulled her inside. The door slammed behind her. She strained to wriggle free but she was off her feet and she could feel her windpipe being crushed. She opened her eyes in the face of the rotting monster. The beast growled at her and stabbed her in the chest with a butcher’s knife. The beast pulled the blade down her body and opened her up to her legs. Blood poured out of her, flooding the floor like a biblical red sea.

             The monster tossed her body across the room where she folded awkwardly backwards. Her head on the floor next to her bottom. Her legs splayed in front or her. There was no last second gurgle from Julie. No last thought of Jim or his money for new boobs.

The stranger/beast/monster/thing from Hell’s nightmare breathed heavily and waited. It waited for the rest of the guests to arrive and give them the Halloween party they’d never forget for as long as they lived. However brief that may be.

                                                 The End?

Happy Halloween everybody!!!! Be careful who you answer the door for!

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