Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Tale

Autumn creeps in like
a mist, carpeting the
remnants of summer
in shadow and chill.

Through the long nights,
the moon takes on
an eerie shine through
skeleton trees.

Echoes of impending horror
rattle off shuttered buildings
and shudder through emptying

The ground seems
damp and crawling with
the slithering of worms
and the crunch of death.

Creaking floorboards are
ever more ominous through
drafty old houses and strange
knocking noises are amplified.

Cats are demons, with yellow
reflecting eyes catching the glint
of late evening headlights. The
Devil’s pets snarl and vanish in the dark.

Leaves twirl in twists of icy breezes,
and surround you in a cold grip of
fear. Your turned up collar no
protection from Fall’s tendrils.

And it’s only just beginning.

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