Friday, October 24, 2014

That Got Out of Hand

             Sunlight burst through the open shutters. Mac and Shelly leapt forward through the old wooden church doors and stumbled onto the front steps. The morning sun consumed the building behind them, flames erupted and the remaining Vampires exploded in bloody bursts. The ground outside rumbled and a chasm opened under the old church. Mac and Shelly got to their feet and ran from their crumbling footing toward the near-by woods. Thunder boomed overhead as the old church broke apart and fell into the crevasse below. Mac and Shelly dove into the tree line and just made it before the ground swallowed everything behind them, leaving only a light smoke hanging over a new pit of hell.

            “Okay, that was nuts,” said Shelly.
            “I know right? That was just crazy,” said Mac.
            “Right?! There was like, 30 vampires in there,” said Shelly.
            “More like 50,” said Mac.
            “Yeah, maybe. But like, that was just insane in there,” said Shelly.

            Mac stood up from behind the brush and helped Shelly to her feet. They dusted themselves off and looked back out over the carnage.

            “Too bad about Kelly and Steve,” said Shelly.
            “Yeah, I mean, that thing just like, swallowed them whole,” said Mac.
            “I know right?! Like where did that even come from,” asked Shelly.
            “I don’t know. Like, Hell I’m guessing,” said Mac.

            Shelly wiped her bloody hair off her forehead and put her hand in Mac’s. Mac sighed and stretched his neck.

            “I am going to be sore tomorrow,” said Mac.
            “Oh, me too,” said Shelly.
            Mac felt for his pockets and started digging in them.

            “Oh man, I think I left my cell phone in there. Do you have yours?”
            “No, I lost my purse when that vampire dog thing lunged at us. I threw my purse at it, remember,” said Shelly.
            “Crap. I can’t find the car keys either,” said Mac.
            “I think Kelly had them anyway,” said Shelly.

            Mac looked toward the old dirt road let led to the old church which led back towards town.

            “I guess we’re going to have to walk back to the hotel,” said Mac.
            “Ugh. Really,” pouted Shelly.
            “Yeah, sorry babe,” said Mac.

            Shelly rubbed the back of her leg.

            “Is my leg bleeding,” asked Shelly.
            “Just a little bit. It’s a long scratch, but it’s not too bad,” said Mac.
            “Oh man. That sucks,” said Shelly.

            The morning birds were chirping and the mist was burning away from the forest.

            “Well, I guess we better get a move on,” said Mac.
            “Like 100 Vampires were in there maybe,” said Shelly.
            “All I know is there was a lot,” said Mac.

            Mac put around Shelly’s waist and they started limping down the road back toward town and the old hotel where the gypsy woman told them they would only find trouble at Old Hell’s Church.

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