Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Strange Way to Pray

Hey Lord,
I just wanted to have
a quick chat with you,
if you’re not too busy,
of course.

I’m not actually asking
for anything, or begging
for some sort of enlightened
help, nor trying to get you
to see things my way.

I was just wondering,
how you’re doing.
How’s the family?
How’s that whole
universe thing going?

I wonder the last time
anyone asked you how
you were doing just to
ask. You know, without
appearing to be currying
favor with you.

Sometimes I imagine
you as a child, crying in the
aisle of a store, looking mournfully
up at the toy you really want, but can’t
have because it costs too much,
but maybe if you look sad
enough someone will buy it for you.

I mean, there’s just so much
going on for you, so much to
sort of watch play out, that I’m
sure it can be overwhelming.
Like your DVR is full of the
craziest reality shows and you
didn’t create enough hours in the day
to watch it all.

But I digress,
I really just wanted you
to know that I was thinking about
you and that I was hoping you’re
having a good day,
and that the family is ok.
Let me know if you need
to talk, I’m here.

Although I’m not sure
my shoulder could handle
your immensities but,
hey, what are friends for right?


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