Thursday, June 11, 2015

Stepped in it Now

It’s on my shoe
and I’ve tracked it
all through the

I waded through it.
I mashed it.
It’s radiant.
It’s colorful.
It’s everywhere.

I need a sharp
stick to scrape
the joy from my soles.
I stepped in it deep.
It smells like electric roses.

I’m happy to see it.
I’m happy its aroma is
filling my nose.
It’s about time.

I usually just track in
dirt and misery.
But not today, today
I stepped in an ocean of joy.

Rainbow patterned puddles
finally in my path, worthy of
splashing in. I’d swim in it if
I could.

But that somehow seems like
too much. I don’t want to
overdo the joy. Just tracking
it in, through the hall, on the carpet
is more than enough for now.

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