Thursday, July 9, 2015

Bedtime Cookies

It may not be best,
before seeking rest,
for cookies to be eaten,
in hopes they’ll sweeten,
what dreams may come.

No crumbs in the bed,
just a sweet tooth fed,
hoping nothing will encumber,
an easy, cozy slumber,
to awake bright-eyed and bushy.

A quick cookie before sleep,
ahead of counting sheep,
seems perfectly fine and right,
before saying goodnight.
What harm could come?

Fevered cookie dreams,
fevered cookie screams,
drenched in cookie sweat,
cookie nightmares to forget,
The cruelty of bedtime cookies.

It’s not their fault or sin,
it was mine, much to my chagrin,
seeking that last sweet snack,
before hitting the sack,
The price was mine to pay.

Yet upon waking,
past dreams of cruel baking,
I felt refreshed, renewed,
sugared and cubed,
Ready to start this long day.

So cookie sleep forgotten,
a day starts less rotten,
with only one more to go,
time to get this road on the show,
Maybe cupcakes before bed tonight.

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