Thursday, August 20, 2015

Didja See?

Didja see?
Putin in a Submarine.
Ashley Madison’s laundry.
That new Ranger lady.
Jared’s trouble with the kiddie.

Didja see?
Certain lives matter.
LeBron’s expensive twitter.
Poor Jimmy’s Cancer.

That’s as far as I got
on today’s poem.

I think I was planning on
making a statement about
being overwhelmed with
crazy news.

But I got busy,
because real life,
(that has nothing to do with
sensational news),
got in the way.

So I had to stop
and work, and do
the things that we all
have to do.

So I’m just back at
it now,
and I sort of lost
my thought thread.

I’m sure it was good
and interesting and
maybe even a little
funny. Although I hate
that Jared line. Ew.

But it’s gone.

Didja see where?

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