Thursday, September 24, 2015

Listen to the Music

Greasy fingers,
mashing the piano keys,
playing some song I’m
sure I’ve heard but can’t

Slippery fingers ,
sliding from one octave
to the next, but mangled,
in the fullness of too
much sound.

Poking fingers,
pointing accusations at
the notes as they fly too
fast and too furiously over
the dissonant hum.

Middle Fingers,
as the noise becomes too
much and I can’t stand the
murdered sound of a song I’m
sure I know but can’t name.

What is that song being murdered?
It’s like trying to figure out which of
your pigs is being slaughtered by the
butcher just by the sound of
it’s squeals.

Damp toes,
wading in the blood of the tempo,
a tempo tortured and
hammered, nailed and crucified
by neglectful hands.  

Wait a sec…
It’s quiet now…
Oh my…
Oh no.

It was just my heartbeat in
my ears. Not a piano at all,
just the messy thumping of
my heart, throbbing in my
ears, but playing a familiar song. 

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