Monday, September 28, 2015

Something Small

The size of us
isn’t so very
large at all.

Mars has water,
Pluto has ice mountains,
The moon turns red.

The enormity of it
is astounding and
mildly belittling.

We may be alive,
but those lives are short
and as small as our place.

The size of our problems
is nothing compared to the
size of our egos.

Egos completely dwarfed and
laughed at by the massive
universe around us.

If a universe can laugh,
and I think it can,
just look at us, and you’ll know.

Our smallness is everything,
it’s all we have. We hold onto it
tightly in defiance of our tininess.

A conundrum of the highest
caliber.  Just a little
small of us.

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